I was born in a small town in Aceh and grew up (mostly) in two cities: Banda Aceh and Jakarta. Since I was a little kid I tend to seek a way to make other people’s life easier. Technology was the tool I use for that purpose.

Decades later, I found a way to make a living by developing software for businesses, and the next decade I decided to start my own company with one purpose, “To innovate the way people experience businesses”. I believe technology is intended to value people more. That’s why I think we are supposed to build software that focuses on solving people’s problems so they can work on solving business problems.

On the other side, I’m a musician who plays music with my hand and my head, but just as a hobby. I share joy, positivity, optimism, and visualized dreams with people I care about because those bring me to who I am today which I’m really grateful for.

I am open to meaningful discussions, sharing ideas, mentorship, or any occasion related to technology, software engineering, music, and entrepreneurship. Just hit my social links below.

Instagram: @novan
Twitter: @novan
Youtube: Novan Adrian